Saturday, April 13, 2013

getting to sina's trailer, highway 64

susie's dog had 11 pups!  she gave 4 away and is looking to give some more away.

outside tuba city

i loved that this vendor (whose name i think is evelyn), is occupying a spot where the arizona department of transportation recently tore down a large, long running stand.

hugo's stand 1

hugo's stand 2

victor's stand

the stand where marley works

i drove over to marley's mom (sina's), trailer today hoping to get a piece up over there.  it was so windy i had to bag it.  that was okay though.  it gave me a chance to talk with some of the vendors and to hang out with marley for a bit.  she told me some people in the community have an issue with the art but that she tries to explain to them why the art is of value to the spirit of the community and why she sees it as a good thing.  i was really touched to have this conversation with her.  i rarely get to hear negative feedback or concerns from the community.

sina's trailer

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