Sunday, November 29, 2009

it's been too long...

Yote, Steph and I were supposed to go out pasting today.  It was super cold however.  Instead, I started playing with a concept I got from a cd by jazz musician titled "Revolt of the Negro Lawn Jockeys."  God, I love that title.  It conjured up all sorts of images and I remembered an image of a lawn jockey I took in West Virginia back in 1983 or so.

That led me to inquire about the history of the lawn jockey image.  The history is interesting and controversial.  Some say that the figure represents a slave of George Washington, Jocko Graves, who froze to death holding a lantern trying to help Washington's troops to safely return from their crossing of the Delaware River.  Other stories say the figure was used to help runaway slaves on the underground railroad.  Regardless, it's a figure that takes me back to my childhood and I feel it is ready for reappropriation.


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