Saturday, July 17, 2010

early morning light (pasting cameron + bitter springs)

cameron - early morning light

mash up

thelma, punx, lux
(i don't know lux but i like his/her stencil work.)

lorenzo checking taking a break from vending to check the process
bitter springs, az

There were several highlights from this morning.  Once again I awoke early (4 a.m.) to head out for a one hour drive to cameron.  The sunrise was subtle.  Nothing too dramatic, yet when I look at the first 3 photos above, I'm reminded how beautiful the light was this morning.

Just as dawn was fading I unloaded my big ladder against a billboard I've been wanting to hit for some time in cameron.  I noticed that there was a house about 75 yards away which I hadn't noticed for some reason before.  What's worse, they had dogs that wouldn't stop barking at 5:45 in the morning.  Not good.  I thought about it as the sky was getting lighter and lighter and opted to let this one go.  Just after I finished loading my ladder back onto my car, a truck came over to check me out.  No one got out or tried to stop me as I left.

I went about 100 yards away to the tank and pump house where I'd pasted before.  When I looked in the pump house, there was a small puppy all by himself.  Though it wasn't cold, he was shivering.  I started pasting and within minutes, he was out eating the paste.  It had occurred to me that perhaps he hadn't eaten in a while.  I got a laugh out of him climbing up to get water from my wash bucket and falling head first into it.  He was my companion while I pasted.

A family from nearby came to visit for a bit and invited me to come back to paste their trailer.  I love Cameron.  As I drove away, I remembered the puppy was under my car about the time I saw him scampering away.  Yes, it was a good morning in Cameron.

At Bitter Springs, there was a mother and son in one of the 6 vendor stalls.  The other 5 stalls were vacant.  They were just setting out there jewelry.  I walked over, introduced myself and told them what I wanted to do.  The woman said "sure."

Not too long after I started painting, the boy walked over to check things out.  His name is Lorenzo.  He hung out with me for about an hour.  One car stopped to check out their wares during that time.  I told him that I hoped the art work would bring them more business.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Cameron. I love your work. I miss Arizona. I especially like the piece on the Bitter Springs sales stand.

July 18, 2010 at 1:38 PM  
Blogger chip thomas said...


July 21, 2010 at 11:26 AM  

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