Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the ebb + flow of it all...

i really like it when i look through my negatives or in this case, lightroom files and come across an image i'd forgotten about but it strikes me now in a fresh way.  this is what happened with this image of owen.  (what an afternoon with those guys!)  i love the very focused, very inquisitive look on his face.  his attention is rapt!

so, i'm feeling a little low.  i had an incredible week with no drama + mighty mytty.  they took really good care of me and we got some good work up.  now no drama is back in flagstaff getting ready for river trips and mighty mytty is back east.  

they were with me when deshaun broke his skateboard last week.  well, i got a new one from him this past weekend and this evening went to deliver it.  even though i knew where his trailer is, i had trouble finding the right series of roads to get me there (even though it's a stone's throw from the old trading post).  he heard me pull up and came to the door.  initially, he was going to close the door and go back inside but i was able to get his attention before closing the door.

he came out.  i said "...i've got something for you."  (he had no idea we'd planned to get him a new skateboard.)  the look on his face when i gave him a new, still in plastic, tony hawk board was as genuine as owen looks rapt.  for some reason, i'd expected him to be really subdued and to not show any emotion.  he extended his hand and said "thank you" from his heart.

as i was fiddling with my now broken camera to take his photo with the board, his mom walked out.  it occurred to me that i'd done this all wrong.  i should have gone to one of his parents first, introduced myself and told them why i was giving their child presents.  all the mom knew was that there was some strange black man in their yard who'd given her son a skateboard and who was now trying to take his picture but the strange man's camera wouldn't work.

so i took the time to do what i should have done in the beginning.  though awkward, i think deshaun's mom believed the story of our meeting and why i was giving him a skateboard.

o well.  we live and we learn...

addendum (06.23.11)

it was all good.  (see the post above about deshaun's stepdad who stopped by while i was putting this up!)


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