Sunday, December 18, 2011

pra meu irmao, zito

a little less than a year ago raul zito of sao paulo, brazil downloaded one of my photos of jamaal flying and pasted it in brazil.  i was too stoked.  well today, i finally got around to paying him back in downtown phoenix.

here's one of the 3 photos zito sent to me.  the thing i love about this image is the guy on the left hand side of the train who is clearly taken with something happening outside.  i love the relaxed intensity of the guy centrally in the image and i like the way the woman's hand  runs along the inferior margin of the image as she gently grasp the pole.

so, here's what i did with this image in phoenix.

this piece was done as a collaboration with thomas "breeze" marcus.

meanwhile, here is what  did zito  with the image of mine he downloaded...

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