Saturday, April 20, 2013

no goats; no sheep

ha!  i went back to sina's trailer today with what i thought was a killer installation planned.  i was going to place sheep + goats in the foreground of marley's image on the remains of a stand sina used to run.  here's the mock up...

i was surprised when i drove up today to see the top piece of wood blown off as well as all the boards on the wall on the left side of the stand.  i was momentarily disoriented.  then i remembered that the wind was so bad this past week; we had gusts in the 70s and part of interstate 40 was closed for 1/2 a day due to low visibility.   the top board lay several yards away from it's position a week ago.

so , i installed winonna on the west side wall.  it wasn't quite what i envisioned.  o well.

as i was driving home, i passed aldo + lisa's stand.  i wasn't sure whether i was going to stop.  as i approached their stand i pulled over onto the  south side of the highway and looked north to their stand.  there seemed to be a bunch of activity around the stand.  

i pulled up.  aldo came over to greet me.  as it turned out the wind hit their stand really badly over the past week.  they lost 7 4x8 boards.  they were just blown away.  so the family was out repairing the stand.  

i learned that they plan to put a big picture window in on the wall where owen is.  lisa seemed to feel really guilty about it as she was telling me the plan to put the picture window in.  too funny.  how did i miss that detail?  

anyway, i met brunnell's dad, benjamin.  brunnell is lisa's cousin brother (who a wrote about a couple weeks ago).  benjamin is a viet nam vet.  he carries those experiences with him deeply.  they haunt him.  they haunt his sleep.  

benjamin is the land owner for the spot where aldo and lisa have their stand overlooking the little colorado river gorge.  i enjoyed meeting and talking with him today.


i finished the day working at what i've always thought of as the old tsinnie stand on 89, north of the 160 junction to tuba city.  i learned that marje alfred has the stand closest to the south facing wall i've been working for over 3 years.  apparently i'd met her a couple summers ago.  she reminded me that i work with her cousin sister at the clinic.  it felt really good to be working on a familiar stand with someone on 89 north who has known me for a while and appreciates what i'm doing.  marge asked me to do her north wall as well.  it was the same good feeling i got stopping at aldo + lisa's stand today.  

it was a good day.

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