Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Limpo's going away party

One of the more memorable events during my sabbatical last year in Brazil was meeting and spending time with street artist, Limpo.  It was a dynamic time.  I got to spend quality time with Limpo, his community of fellow street artists and several other artists from the UK, France, Italy and Canada.  I dare say that if I hadn't spent that time with them, I wound't be doing the wheat pasting project now.

Before Limpo left Salvador to spend time with his expecting girlfriend in Sweden we threw him a wonderful going away party.  The highlight was Katie Browne doing an interpretive dance to live music while Limpo did a body painting of her.

It's great seeing these images again.  Hopefully this will provide the motivation I need to get back into the darkroom to finish developing the 80 rolls of film I shot last year.  Besides, I can't wheat paste now since it's so cold and snowy!  

Brazil.  Thanks again for the inspiration.


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