Monday, July 26, 2010

revisiting lorenzo and his mom

sunset over the north rim looking towards hopiland

dinner with pink cloud

full moon rising

the view towards flagstaff

last weekend i painted and pasted a kiosk in bitter springs.  there was a family there occupying one of 6 available kiosks.  upon returning from a wonderful weekend on the east rim of the grand canyon, jamaal and i stopped by to see how last week's pastings were holding up.

they were holding up well.  now there was a second vendor occupying the stall closest to the pastings.  i stopped to say hello to lorenzo and his mom.  they acknowledged that last week's installations were bringing more people to the kiosks but primarily to the stall closest to the pastings.  they hadn't sold much jewely over the past week.   lorenzo's mom asked that i put something up closer to them.

i was touched.


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