Saturday, November 6, 2010

outside tuba city

outside tuba city

further outside tuba city

For about the past year I've been noticing a boarded up house as I approach Tuba City that I've wanted to paste.  I salivate over this house.  Since my bigger installations take a lot of time when working alone, I decided I'd try to find out who owns the house and get permission.  Never seeing anyone at the house when I pass by, I was tempted several times over the summer to get there around 4 a.m. on a full moon night and just hit it.  But I never did.  Although the house is boarded up, there's a horse corral with 4 healthy horses.  Somebody has to feed them.

Today I noticed that someone at the house.  I pulled off the road and saw a truck at the horse corral.  A woman was there with 3 young children.  A girl of about 8 was on horseback practicing barrel racing while 2 younger children played in the back of the pickup.  I introduced myself to the woman and gave her my history.

"Hi.  My name is Chip.  I work at Inscription House.  I've lived and worked there for 23 years.  Last summer I started doing an art project placing large photographs along the roadside.  You've probably seen them."  

At this point most people go "...O yeah.  So you're the one."  I told the woman I'd like to paste the boarded house.  She said I'd have to "that man" as she pointed off into the distance.  About 200 yards away a man was galloping on a horse coming towards us.  As he was approaching I asked the woman if that was her husband.  She said yes.  I asked what she thought he'd say about the proposal.  "He'll probably like it," she said.  I told her that if he didn't I was counting on her to soften him up.  She laughed.  I asked her what her husband's name is.  "J R" she said.  "Nice," I thought.  An auspicious beginning.

 I gave him the same spiel.  When I said I work at Inscription House, he lightened up.  He said "O yeah, you used to be my dad's doctor.  I was telling my wife and kids about you recently.  Back around 1994 you used to go to Chee Secody's place to photograph guys practicing bull riders."  He asked if I still have those photographs because he wanted to show them to his wife and kids.

watching the bull riders practice at chee secody's - 1994

I drove home with a fat smile on my face - happy that I was reacquainted with someone from 15 years ago and thankful to have an opportunity for a sanctioned hit on prime real estate outside Tuba City.


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