Friday, September 10, 2010

ben delmar with his favorite cup

ben delmar with his favorite cup

final installation for contemporary printmaking exhibition

east carolina university
greenville, nc

downtown diner

a big shout out to ash, lauren, lerin, brian, matt, heather, cherish, don and claire edwards, mike millsap(?), lisa (x0). and r.l. tillman for making this happen.  you all rock!

meanwhile, just yesterday i was saying how disappointed i was that the ube installation of the shaw homecoming parade didn't work for me.  i don't like the composition with the girl floating alone and small.  i was feeling that i could do a better job and am really happy to say that the installation of ben delmar drinking from his favorite cup is my favorite installation of the past 15 months of this project.

my crew of 5 people and i took 10 hours to put this piece up.  we defined (annunciated), each brick and crevasse in the wall by caressing the paper and taking our time.  the city of greenville was great with spontaneous demonstrations of support.  it reminded me of the rez.  what more could i ask for?


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