Saturday, December 11, 2010

havana punk!


this piece was supposed to go up in revolution cycles yesterday.  but as fate would have it, it didn't happen.

frugal + once chaste,
i couldn't let the paste go to waste.
the piece went up in haste 
before babylon could give chase.


meanwhile, the story of the guy in the photo is interesting.  i shot him in havana, cuba in 2000.  while walking around the city one night, i ran into him and was stunned. he was just hanging out leaning against a building checking out the scene of the street.

his story is that for years he roller skated around havana where he works as an architect.  one day his got hit by a city bus.  this left him hospitalized for several weeks and in great pain from several broken bones.  he almost died as a result of this accident.  consequently, his perception of himself and his perception of pain changed as a result of this accident and he decided to pierce himself pretty massively.  he still roller skates and works as an architect.  

havana punk!


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