Sunday, January 9, 2011

rex at cow springs

thelma + hosteen hank leaving cow springs

i put thelma up with her husband, hosteen hank nez, in june or july of 2009. it was one of my first pieces.
hank got scratched away because, little did i know he had 2 sets of kids by 2 different women. i asked a daughter of hank + thelma if i could use this imagery. she was cool with it. i later learned that a son from hank's other woman was upset that i presented hank with thelma (who wasn't his mom). so, he scratched his dad down.  

the fate of a playa...

the dude went to hugo hernandez's house banging on his door and talking smack.  hugo told the man to calm down and that he should be proud his parent's pictures were on the house (not understanding that this wasn't the guy's mom).  regardless, hugo refused to take the shit down.

hugo hernandez representin', yo!

mae jean's mom



jamaal flying

the bird in the upper right hand corner of the sky is from the last installation i did here. it was with joerael elliott. i think we hit it in july 2010.


rex + hank.  i installed this back in august 2010.  i wrote about lorenzo and his mom in an earlier posting (

this was only my second time passing by this piece since i put it up.  when i passed the first time, the piece that's missing now in the middle, was starting to come off.  i thought the entire piece would be down and was happy to see that it wasn't.

inside lorenzo's mom's stand


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good story. More amazing art. Thanks

January 10, 2011 at 7:59 PM  

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