Monday, January 17, 2011

with chris stain in albuquerque yesterday

the highlight of 2010 was taking part in the 516 street arts show in albuquerque, nm.  (i'm surprised i didn't write about it before now.)  it was an absolutely amazing week being in the gallery around artists who i look up to.  the energy in that space was so good.  people were really supportive and engaging.  i loved hearing about other people's work and then watch them as they completed a thought process over the course of a week.

i went back to albuquerque yesterday and met up with wendy johnson (who assisted me installing this show), eugene doty (in the house), and fran searer who organized the show.  (love to you guys.  it was great reconnecting with you.) 

of the 3 outdoor pieces i put up for this show 4 months ago, this is the only one up still.  i thought it'd be quick to go.  but, a wheat paster must know his/her wall.  even though this is an eastward facing wall getting morning and early afternoon sun, it's a super smooth and regular, painted concrete surface.  it get's the brunt of storms coming in from the east.  (fortunately, most come from the west, northwest.)    

i was shocked to see that my homemade wheat paste is still rocking this big ass piece on this big ass wall despite all the rain albuquerque had this fall and winter.  but i shouldn't be surprised.  the photo is of two, tough navajo women who know about survival.

yeah, yeah baby!


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