Sunday, February 13, 2011

a visit to the car corral

i returned to the begishe camp today to give them photos i'd taken 2 days before.  i found ernest with his wife in their traditional one room hogan with his wife watching a movie and eating pizza.  they came out and gave me 10 or so snapshots from when jim took horses to graze up on cumming's mesa some time over the past year.  

he told me that a lamb had been born since i was there.  they were all happy about that.

jim was over at the car corral getting ready to take his mule to the watering hole.  as a reminder, jim is 91.  i loved that they used a smashed old vehicle as part of the corral fencing.  unlike 2 days ago, mae was in to being photographed.  i left feeling that today was one of those times when i was reminded of how special it is to be out here having this experience (and wishing my left brain was better at learning languages)...


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