Monday, January 31, 2011

a page from the black show

ten years ago in january 2001, i had a show in raleigh, nc (my home town), titled "the black show."  it also ran at morning glory cafe in flagstaff a little bit after that.  one of my influences at that time was peter beard.  i'd just seen his show in soho and was blown away by it.  i used to write stories around the margins of photos and send them to friends as postcards.  in fact, i've a buddy in san francisco whose kitchen in his cottage bungalow was a gallery of postcards i'd sent him over like a 10 year period.  maybe longer.  i think his wife made him take them all down now.  but, after seeing peter beard's show, i started playing with the images more, drawing on them, gluing stuff onto the images and writing directly on the print.  thank you peter beard.  

i came across my portfolio of images from "the black show" recently.  i'd forgotten i had it.  it made me smile to go through the images again.  in total, there are 15 images.  i decided that i'll celebrate black history month this year by scanning and uploading to my blog a page from the black show over the course of the month of february.

happy black history month!


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