Friday, June 24, 2011

courage + inspiration

it doesn't happen everyday but sometimes i hear stories from patients so profound and poignant that i'm moved to tears.  i met a woman today who is severely deformed from rheumatoid arthritis.  she told me that she'd had over 40 operations on her hands and feet in order to maintain the ability to perform routine, daily chores around the house (called "activities of daily living" in the medical world).

the pain from her illness is great.  yet, she had the most cheerful disposition of anyone i've ever met.  she told me that she's been walking about 2 miles per day in hopes of walking 300 miles next summer.  her goal is to walk from the western side of the navajo nation to the tribal offices in window rock where she hopes to have an audience with the tribal legislature regarding land rights.  with determination and faith she moves forward one step at a time.


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