Saturday, December 31, 2011

return to the scene of the rhyme

it's 11:37 p.m. and roosters are cackling.  it must be hawaii.  jamaal and i spent new year's here 2 years ago with my good friend kevin johnson.  i knew things were looking up because on new year's day and the first day of the new decade, i stood up on a surf board for the first time in my life.  it wasn't long and it wasn't pretty but there i was.

jamaal suggested we return to the scene of the rhyme again this year.  so once more, we're crashing on kevin's floor enjoying the kindness of friends and the warmth of the island.  

meanwhile, inspired by mentalgassi, i started playing around with inflatable, sculptural wheat pasting.  this little project has now become kind of a flat stanley goes to kauai adventure but this time around it jamaal bubble head... 

view from kevin's balcony

mahaulepu 1

mahaulepu 2

 uncle kevin + jamaal

god complex 
(i saw the film "another earth" last night; loved it.  this photo reminds me of that.)

one sees a lot of chickens everywhere in kauai

spouting horn, kauai

japanese tourists

and speaking of japan, check me:  street style, japan.

happy new year!

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