Friday, March 16, 2012

phun in phoenix

i write this with the smell of dog shit all too present.  you see, i accidentally stepped in it as i was unloading my car to start the installation of step by the funeral home in phoenix.  it was located on the little grassy area right in front of where i was going to be working.  unable to remove it, i placed rocks over it as a reminder to not step there again.  in retrospect, i should have buried it.  the smell was my companion for the next 4 hours and although i've long since changed shoes and showered, the smell lingers with a pungency that would make stale cheese jealous.

speaking of strong smells, as i was slowly driving to steve and julia's house this evening, i passed by a house where a blooming plant aroma was so intoxicating, i slowed even more to appreciate it.

the piece above is a collaboration with jenny ignaszewski, an artist based in phoenix.  our initial idea was to have step's head tethered to the ground like gulliver.  but in recognition of the piece being put up next to the parking lot for a funeral home, the plan is to have the ropes breaking as step's spirit is released.  i don't know if the piece works.  i tried putting myself into the mindset of someone coming to wish a loved one farewell.  it'll be interesting getting feedback from the funeral director as to what her clients say.  the funeral director dug it.


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