Wednesday, April 11, 2012

owen dreams of atomic sheep

the navajo nation observes daylight savings time.  it gets dark now around 8:15 which i love because it gives me time to go out after work to get some pasting done.  yesterday was absolutely amazingly beautiful.  normally i listen to music while i'm working.  because i didn't know if i get shut down while working on the tank, i listened to ambient sounds - the clanking of my ladder against the tank, vehicles in the distance and that was about it.  soldier ants had a nest right where i was working and left me with several potent bites at inopportune times atop my ladder.

i got the last piece up just before dusk, moments after the sun fell below the horizon. 

day 2
storm front moving in.  daytime highs will go from the 70s to the low 40s with snow forecasted.  so much for apples again this summer...

several friends shared with me the march 31st ny times article on the havoc resulting from uncapped uranium mines on the navajo nation.   the 638 mines were active from the 1940s into the 1980s.  fewer than 10% of the mines have been cleaned and capped.  tailings can be found in the air and ground water contaminating livestock and people.  consequently, there are higher than average rates of breast, bone, lung and liver cancer here.

owen dreams of atomic sheep

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