Sunday, May 20, 2012

full annularity

full annularity

it's that time of year again.  in just a couple weeks, race across america (raam), will begin.  it blows my mind still that it takes the fastest of those guys and women just under a week to cycle from the west coast to the east.

when yote and i first talked about organizing an art project where we imagined inviting some of our favorite artists out to paint murals on roadside stands, i told him that i'd like to hold it the last week of may so we'd have art up for the raam cyclists (as they travel from oceanside, ca to flagstaff to tuba city to kayenta to mexican hat to montezuma creek before heading to the four corners to cortez,  to annapolis, maryland.  there are so many different categories of cyclists [men 35 + down; women tandems > age 50 and so on], that the different categories start over the course of a week from june 12 - 18.)

anyway, it's crazy.  it looks like gaia will be here for about a couple weeks from june 15 - 27.  doodles, overunder + labrona are supposed to drop in during that time.  i'm thinking breeze + tom greyeyes will come up to share their energy during this interval too.  today i was in touch with shonto begay who also agreed to come give us some love.  the potential for dynamic exchange leading to the making of great art is strong.  i'm excited.

stay tuned...

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