Saturday, July 7, 2012

action on the plains

the last week of june i had an opportunity to do a different type of project.  i was invited by the art collective m12 to do a series of installations in the small town of byers, co about 45 miles east of denver along i-70.  m12 received a grant to invite 5 artists to bring urban/contemporary art to rural areas.  as they state on their website:

"M12 creates interdisciplinary site-based art works, research projects and education outreach programs.  Working in the fields of sculptures, architecture, and public art and design, we favor projects that are centered in rural areas and which can be developed through dialogical and collaborative approaches.  Our projects explore community identity and the value of often under-represented rural communities and their surrounding landscapes.  We strive to be stewards of effective local and global creative problem solving, and a community resource for evolutionary thinking and innovative communication."

i first went to byers, co in march of this year where i met joe turecek whose family was instrumental in developing the business community some 50 years ago.  he shared with me  photos from his family album which were later pasted on structures around his wheat farm visible from i-70.  (originally i'd hoped to use wheat milled from his fields in making wheat paste but that didn't happen.)

one of the more positive aspects of the project was getting to spend time in town talking to a few residents about joe's grandfather who had positive things to say about him.    

joe's aunt 
photo by kirsten stoltz

joe's dad + aunt

photo by kirsten stoltz

joe's grandpa

joe's dad

photo by kirsten stoltz

it was an honor and a pleasure to work with m12.  i want to give a special shout out to my assistants for the project, devon "the man" malling and "action jackson" ellis.  you guys rocked it and i couldn't have done it without you.  thanks so much!

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