Saturday, November 24, 2012

miss hawkeye

andrea, miss hawkeye

shonbray, andrea's sister and former miss hawkeye

linkin with his sisters

andrea's blue bird flour blouse


amazing, amazing day.  i started the day by going to the trailers where pixel pancho + 2501 did their pieces a few weeks ago.  i'd been wanting to hit those trailers since i started pasting 3 years ago.  two years ago i stopped to find out who owns the trailers and met rosemary.  she was curious about what i proposed but said she wasn't interested.  i pass the trailers several times a month traveling between my home and flagstaff.  when the italians saw them, they insisted i stop and inquire again about the possibility of putting art on them.  much to my surprise rosemary said yes and pixel pancho + 2501 gave them some serious love.

there's 5 trailers at the site.  2501 told me that rosemary's brother told them not to put anything on the pink trailer.  i returned today to get up a blue trailer and this was as far as i got before getting shut down; a circle.

photo by brianna torres

rosemary's brother, delvin, wasn't feeling it.  somewhat dejected i headed over to cameron thinking i'd try getting up on an abandoned trailer that used to be an art gallery.  it's been out of use for about 5 years or more and is seriously tagged.  there were a couple vendors near the gallery selling pinons, fry bread and jewelry.   three kids whose mom was selling nearby came over and hung out with me for 3 hours as i got a piece up.  they were shonbray, her little sister andrea, who is the current miss hawkeye (primary school princess), and their little brother, linkin.  (yeah, i got the spend the day pasting with a princess.)

while pasting i got to meet roy, the owner of the abandoned gallery.  it was one of those times when someone rolls up and you're not sure whether they're going to shut you down (like delvin), or give you some love.  roy was totally cool.  he said he didn't mind me putting work up as long as it's positive.

the piece is called "álátsoh" or "thumb."  thumbs are important on the rez.  for a lot of people they're used for hitchhiking but it also means things are copacetic.  roy, miss hawkeye, linkin, shonbray, their mom stephanie and the neighboring vendor, betty, were all copacetic, thumbs up people who rocked my day.

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