Friday, June 13, 2014

site migration

Alas, the time has come to move on.   About half a year ago I changed the format of this blog and haven't been able to return to the original format.  Feedback I received from people who checked out "yo mama" said they were frustrated not being able to find images consolidated in one place and found the site to be cumbersome.  I've been able to resolve some of these issues on Wordpress and hope you'll find me there.  The new site is under construction but should be fully functional soon.  Unlike "yo mama" the new site will also have images and stories from The Painted Desert Project (which promises to have another eventful season starting in a few weeks).

"Yo mama" has served me well since 2009 in that it documents my journey with paste and pictures.  Those stories will remain on this site.  The new stories can be found at

Thanks for the love + support!


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