Thursday, February 18, 2010

it feels so nice (like a samba by jobiM)...

to be back outdoors on the rez pasting.  today over at cameron it was about 60 degrees at 3 in the afternoon.  i worked in a tee shirt and had sweat rolling off of me at one point.  i hung a 10 footer by myself with relative ease.  woo hoo!  (over the winter i figured out a system for getting big images up alone.)  

the skater is in tuba city.  this image isn't so big, though it is in 2 parts.  it's about 6 feet tall from top to bottom.  (and to think, i almost carried my small ladder.)  i would have been a shitoutofluck mofo twice today if i hadn't carried my mid size ladder.  

o it felt so good, to be in the sun, the wind.  two honeybees got into my paste today.  i was just happy to see them (though the world is minus 2 more bees today.  i ended up putting them up on the minnie piece.)

sk8! tuba city

there's so many things about this image i love, like the colors, that natural, earthen wall, the juxtaposition of the old school skater image with "fuck the buff."  I love "fuck the buff" and have to admit  i was attracted to this wall because of it. 

fuck the buff!! this is my protest

that, over old school, bubble-lettered "skum."  "skum."

so i got up on tuba city's walls of fame.  this one is on the is the south side of the road.  the north side is sweet as well.  it's a warehouse with corrugated metal which i want to go big on.

regardless, it was a good day.  i give thanks for that.


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