Sunday, February 27, 2011

bicycle inter-community art + salvage, tucson

step on scaffolding

last year's installation on the right

remnants from last year's installation
no reservation required crew was invited back to the community center/bicycle advocacy organization, bicas (bicycle inter-community art + salvage), in tucson, az this weekend.  yote couldn't make the trip this year.  step and i had to represent.  

being sensitive to the horrific mass shooting there january 8, 2011 that left 6 people dead and 13 injured, i wanted to put imagery in the community that reflected love, nurturing and hope.  i chose an image of my son's mom and his half sister i shot in 1991.  kylie, a bicas organizer, asked "what if people confuse the imagery with a pro immigration propaganda in response to arizona's sb 1070 law (which requires authorities to stop and challenge brown people they suspect are here illegally)?

"all the better," i said.  "all the better," to which she agreed.


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