Monday, February 21, 2011

it's not every day...

one gets to see a step in the evolution of thought and energy.  wait.  this is what i'm trying to say.  how often do we get to see the immediate impact of our actions on someone? it's not every day, right?

a woman in albuquerque, new mexico contacted me through flickr where she checked my work. she read the story i wrote about pasting my friend's house without their knowledge while they were away (, and was inspired to go in her own direction.  

one of the unforeseen blessings of doing wheat paste is that i get to have moments like this.  you can check my friend's work at:

when i was in brazil, upon seeing a piece, doing a piece, talking about a piece (you get the idea), the street artists would hug one another and say "...yeah!  keep the energy going!"  so here's to you mattie!


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