Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the moment the idea struck...

a friend in flagstaff will be opening a new restaurant soon called pizza furioso.  he gave me an opportunity to do an installation which i 'm working on now.  i sent him the mock up, he dug it and boom, i'm getting it together.

the piece will be interesting for me in a couple different ways.  it'll be the first installation i've done that evolved out of doing a mock up of superimposing two photos to see how they might work together.  it has the potential to be a strong piece and that excites me.  

while i was cutting the gulls out, i noticed the stencil pattern that remained in the paper on the floor and thought it'd be cool to capture that and figured out a way to do that i've not seen used before.  (actually, i take that back.  faux reel uses this technique.)  regardless, i'm excited to see where this will go.  i just wanted to document when and how this idea came to me with this entry.

meanwhile, i've got mad love for these folks doing the tenderloin national forest project.  they started doing this the same year i started working on the rez in 1987.




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