Friday, April 8, 2011

community building collaboration

bb + the dogs

bruno mauro of ampersand international arts in dogpatch knew i've been exploring the idea of using art to build community through my wheat pasting project on the navajo nation .  he was kind enough to literally offer me his home (after consulting with his wife, surma), to pursue the idea of community building using his home as a canvas.

in exploring this idea here, bruno suggested i meet patricia parker and her mother who have lived in dogpatch in their current house for 50 years or so.  both patricia and her mom attended irving m. scott school (built in the 1890s and is the oldest standing public school in san francisco).  they know and they are dogpatch history.  

imogen doumani lives across the street from the gallery and from pat.  she represents the youthful vibe coming into the neighborhood.  bb the beagle is representing those who give the area its name.  

the piece is composed of regular bond paper from fedex/kinko's adhered to the wall with wheat paste i made.  it's susceptible to the elements and will go away with time.  my hope is that the conversations and community building started with this project will continue long after the piece is down.

to dogpatch with love.


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