Sunday, March 13, 2011

beautiful day in the neighborhood

well, let me start by saying that it was an absolutely gorgeous day today.  i've been wanting to hit those red garage doors at black mesa junction for some time now and today was the day.

but, i digress.  i want to share a story.  about a month or so ago i got an email from a woman saying she'd been reading my blog for a couple months or so.  she told me how she showed the wheat paste images on the blog to her husband who asked whose work this is.  she responded with something to the effect "...oh, some guy named chip thomas,"  to which he said "wait, there was a chip thomas at the alternative quaker junior high school he attended in the early 70s."  when the woman wrote to me she asked if i'm the chip thomas who attended the alternative quaker junior high school in north carolina known as the arthur morgan school.  i told her i am.

she said she discovered the blog because she'd seen the wheat pasted images driving across the rez between durango and sedona where her mom lives.  so yeah, who pulled up today as i was pasting and asked if i'm chip thomas?

yes, it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood and it was a blast meeting you and your daughter cheryl!


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