Thursday, March 3, 2011


wait.  this is supposed to be a blog about wheat pasting and life on the navajo nation right?  what's up with photos of seagulls, you ask?  well, it's all connected.  i'm here in fort lauderdale visiting a friend who is trying to get a struggling mom + pop type hotel up and running a block from the beach.  it's an old school, no frills kind of place with lots of people staying economically for days to weeks at a time.  i just needed a break from the scene in northern arizona and came here for a few days.

in truth, i'm getting ready for a really big installation soon on the west coast and i want to get the mural concept together over the next several days.  yeah, i'm a little freaked at the opportunity i have to rock this wall. i trust rockage will happen though.  meanwhile, i'm chillaxing like a mofo watching the gulls ride the wind.


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