Sunday, March 27, 2011


i've been in a reflective mode of late.  this june will mark 2 years since i started doing the wheat paste project.  it's been an amazing ride.  i've met and worked with incredible people, people i don't know that i would have interacted with otherwise.

i started this project before kinko's became fedex office.  the folks at the flagstaff branch have been truly great and patient in working with me.  (i've worked in my home darkroom for 23 years and anyone who knows anything about darkroom work knows how exacting a darkroom photographer can be.)  

i'm thankful for the friendships i've made there.  i especially want to thank anders, a mandarin speaking computer nerd at nau, who was there at the beginning of the project and who has helped me trouble shoot everything from the optimal size to the optimal file format.  he'll be leaving for parts unknown come june.  so anders, all the best to you and thanks for your support over the past 21 months.

anders with one of our first prints off the océ printer


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