Sunday, July 3, 2011

love train (santa fe)

my long time friend, lucy boulanger, came out to help.

serendipity strikes!  bruce strumminger (pictured above with me), used to work at a hospital 3 hours away from the small clinic on the navajo nation where i work.  in 2006 or so he left that hospital to direct a centers for disease control aids testing and treatment program in abidjan, cote d'ivoire.

he was aware of my photography and arranged for me to come to cote d'ivoire in 2007  for 2 weeks to shoot a photoessay on the aids outreach work they were doing around the city.  i shot the image on the train of aids orphans playing ring around the rosey on my last day in abidjan.

unbeknownst to either bruce or myself, we are both in santa fe this week and will be staying with mutual friends.  i've not seen him since leaving cote d'ivoire in 2007.  you can imagine his suprise upon seeing the piece i'd chosen for the train.


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