Tuesday, July 31, 2012

bitter springs

cj laughing at his sister, amber, trying to get on her pony  (photo by james martin)

saturday was a good day.  a woman from the community whom i know only through facebook mentioned recently in a posting that she'd be interested in joining me for an installation.  her name is mary francis.  saturday she came with her husband, delton, and their 2 year old son (whose name i'm forgetting).

mary francis + her son  (photo by delton)

their energy and enthusiasm was what i needed.  thank you guys!  

from that site at the 89/160 junction i drove to bitter springs.  lorenzo and his mom still maintain their stand there.  they're the only vendors working in a stand that could easily accommodate another 5 vendors.  it was good seeing them again.

double rainbow on the road home

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