Tuesday, July 10, 2012

the desert painted!

1.  breeze

2.  collaborations

breeze x jetsonorama
(photo by breeze)

labrona x doodles

gaia x labrona

labrona, gaia, overunder, doodles

3.  labrona (in arizona who avoided corona while laboring in the heat far from sedona)

4.  gaia

transition from wall of the departed to wall of newborns

wall of the departed

it was after gaia painted this that tony and matilda told us about a revelation they'd gotten from an older relative who said that their veil of poverty would be lifted.

goodbye to tony + matilda

"trading lives"

5.  overunder

(for more about overunder's pieces + his time on the rez, check this.)

photo by overunder

photo by overunder

photo by overunder

6.  doodles





7.  tom greyeyes

8.  xianna clitso

thanks to gaia, overunder, doodles, labrona, tom greyeyes, breeze + xianna clitso.  it was an amazing time.

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