Friday, July 8, 2011

bum rushing canyon road

mary before leaving the dumpsters at photo eye

mary in her new home on canyon road

mary at the rail yard

"as the world turns," step panel

"as the world turns," drum major panel

art remembers when there were beaches on the colorado

it's been a good week in santa fe.  i give thanks.  as it turns out, the installation i did monday night at the photo eye bookstore and gallery on the wall by the dumpsters wasn't trashed after all!  the photo eye people had arranged for the wall to be transferred to a gallery on canyon road.  the owner of the gallery on canyon road was going to use it inside her gallery.  however, when she saw the piece i placed on it monday night, she decided to use it outdoors.  i've not meet the gallery owner yet but heard from the photo eye people that she might be open to me doing another piece on the panel.  so, last evening i went back to the panel with a bucket of red paint and did "art remembers when there were beaches on the colorado."  i hope she likes that piece as well. (and that's the unlikely series of events that led to me getting to show work on canyon road.)

the opening for the axle contemporary show is this evening.  the installation i did for the van is titled "as the world turns."  

more to come...


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