Monday, July 25, 2011

flip the script

i just got an email from a friend in boston who is a photographer.  she said something to the effect that the navajo are lucky for my gift.  in truth, i'm lucky to be here having this experience receiving the gift of acceptance from this community.  

i had an incredible 2 days of pasting yesterday and today.  it seemed the conversations with people in the community and those passing through who stopped to give a shout out were deeper + different from previous interactions.

at black mesa junction i ran into my son's cousin sister, jaye.  i hadn't seen her since 2001.  she was having a rough day yesterday.  she said that she'd been drinking and had gotten into a fight with her sister.  jaye was visiting from farmington and will be heading back soon.  she was excited to see me again and to see the picture of jamaal flying across the top of the old tire store.

i got unsolicited feedback from 2 people at black mesa junction that they thought that the image of the old man washing his face with the coyote standing nearby (which they thought was a wolf), represented a skin walker or a shape shifter.  their interpretation of this piece wasn't good.  i didn't help the situation by including a flying human in the mural.  again, the question arises of artistic freedom, introducing new iconography while trying to be culturally sensitive.  so far, the verdict is that yote and i failed on this one.

jaye, after the fight

nate, karen's foot + daisy

step with party dog (who got a red bandana yesterday from the locals)

meanwhile, the vibe at cow springs today was totally cool.  i met a lot of great, great people and got to hang out with shonto begay + ed singer.  thanks for the love y'all.



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