Sunday, July 10, 2011

grandma's new bike

okay.  i give thanks for a safe return to the rez after a week of craziness + serendipity in santa fe.  thanks to the santa feans in the house.

no drama + i got our last piece up yesterday.  she's such a sweetheart.  after taking the train from albuquerque to flagstaff last weekend so she could hike youth out of the grand canyon for her job, she drove back to santa fe for the axle contemporary opening friday.  she also spent mid week working with students on art projects.  then no drama helped me hang "grandma's new bike" for vanessa wilde's "kaleidospoke" show at cca.  we did that yesterday then drove around town looking for vulnerable walls last night.  

like i said, no drama is such a sweetheart.  she takes it on herself to look after me and to just be there like only someone who understands me can be.  thanks partner.



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