Monday, August 29, 2011

go figure

while pasting in cameron recently, i met chris.  i also met ty begaii who is a young graffiti artist in the cameron community.  he and i connected through 2 women from the cameron community who stopped by cow springs when i was pasting over there recently.  anyway, turns out i know ty's dad pretty well from the inscription house community.  ty hung out with chris and me as i was doing the installation above before heading off to work at a bead stand just outside the grand canyon national park, south rim.

anyone who has driven through cameron regularly over the past 2 years has witnessed the cat and mouse game between the graffiti writers and the buff monster who paints over graffiti within days of it going up.  there was an article in the navajo times within the past year about an anglo guy, a lawyer i think, from flagstaff who comes out regularly and buffs graffiti.  i've been happy he's never touched any of my photos.  as i was driving to gray mountain sunday to prepare the tanks for my next piece, i got an email from ty that read:

"...hey!  i see the drunk guy.  ha!  he's painting over the graffiti.   hopefully he doesn't remember my ride."  

who knew?

her man is out of jail in flagstaff and they're happily expecting.

and that's the way we roll...


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