Wednesday, August 10, 2011

sell out...

mary reese at night (fully schlacked)

hmmm.  i've been having a bit of a philosophical dilemma of late.  the pieces that i put up using just wheat paste have been coming down pretty quickly.  that's not true of all the pieces but, by and large, the bigger the piece put up with just wheat paste, the faster it comes down.  

on the one hand, i'm not getting funded to do the project and fedex/kinko's hasn't been running specials like they did when i first started doing this where oversized black and white prints were 1/2 off.  on the other hand, the conceptual nature of the project explores the ephemeral nature of life and letting go.  i've been experimenting with using polyurethane over the past several weeks and i have to say, the pieces are staying up nicely even during the monsoon season here in northern arizona.  so, the pieces are still ephemeral, just less so.  

so, that's where things are now.  my son will already have to attend a public college when he becomes of age since i've spent his college tuition money on this project.  at least now i won't be spending as much of it...


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