Wednesday, September 14, 2011

blue train

thank god i'm almost done with the project.  it's been rewarding and insightful but i'm ready to move on.  it's been a long 3 weeks getting work up.

sensing it was time to get up, i awoke at 4 a.m.  (although i set the alarm on my phone last night, i ended up leaving it in another room.)  i made coffee, collected 3 day old wheat paste from the garage and set off in darkness to my destination 20 miles away.  in the cloud-heavy, humid morning chill and darkness, i used my headlight to do an installation on a coal train bridge abutment going as high as i could above the graffiti.  school buses and 18 wheelers were the only traffic, passing sporadically.  their headlights would momentarily flash on the spot where i was working prompting me to turn off the headlight and freeze in position on the ladder.

the coal train bridge passes over a small wash.  because of the recent end of the monsoon season rains, the wash was quite muddy making stabilizing the ladder tricky.  and the mud!  i've mud everywhere.  i can't believe i once thought getting off white upholstery in my car was ever a good idea.  there's nothing worse than the combination of clay-like mud mixed with funky smelling, old wheat paste which is now stuck on each of the rungs of my 16 foot extension ladder.

yes, it was a good morning.  (photos to follow.)

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