Saturday, September 22, 2012

still kickin'


hey, hey!  i'm still here.  it's been an interesting time to say the least.  roa has come + gone.  jb snyder from phoenix has come up and had said he was coming back this weekend.  i don't know if that actually happened.  it's already fall again and we're full on in the midst of fair season.  tuba city fair is right around the corner.

boom!  i got to attend roa's opening at white walls last week.  it was very cool to see what he created in a month as well as it being interesting to reconnect after having him here.  while in san francisco, i had a wish/dream/prayer fulfilled to find a paste formula.  i want to give a shout out to hugh leeman who hooked me up with the ever elusive formula.  peace, my brother.

a lot of my energy has been going into the facebook painted desert page.  however, i was out today prepping walls getting ready to get work up.  while working i got a great idea for an installation/series i'm going to call "rez bingo."  ken o'gawa knows what i'm talking about.

peace y'all.

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